Mechanical force#

This example demonstrates internal scripting mechanical force functionality This will compute the operating conditions for some requested torque values and display the natural frequencies for the 0th and 8th modes.

Perform required imports

import ansys.motorcad.core as pymotorcad

Launch Motor-CAD

mc = pymotorcad.MotorCAD()

Create internal script. This could also be saved in a separate file

import numpy as np

# This function is called when "Run" is pressed
def main():

class mechanical_forces:
    def initial(self):
        # %%
        # Disable pop-up messages
        mc.set_variable("MessageDisplayState", 2)

        # Called before calculation
        # For each operating point, set requested torque and speed
        # (using this mode requires that a Lab model has been built)
        # Note that if a lab model isn't available, MultiForceLoadPointDefinition
        # can be set to 1 (Current and Phase), and
        # LoadPoint_Current_Array and LoadPoint_PhaseAdvance_Array set
        # IM operating points are set with speed, current, and LoadPoint_Slip_Array
        NVH_Duty_Speed = np.concatenate((250, 6000, 9000), axis=None)
        NVH_Duty_Torque = np.concatenate((40, 20, 10), axis=None)
        mc.set_variable("NumLoadPoints", len(NVH_Duty_Speed))
        for i in range(len(NVH_Duty_Speed)):
            mc.set_array_variable("LoadPoint_Speed_Array", i, float(NVH_Duty_Speed[i]))
            mc.set_array_variable("LoadPoint_Torque_Array", i, float(NVH_Duty_Torque[i]))

        # Set number of steps per cycle - for speed just use 30 in this example. 90 would be
        # a more usual minimum
        # If calculating for an induction machine (IM), use IMSingleLoadPointsPerCycle instead
        mc.set_variable("TorquePointsPerCycle", 30)

    def final(self):
        # Called after calculation
        # Example modal results
        o_Natural_Freq_Mode_0 = mc.get_magnetic_graph_point("NVH_NaturalFrequency", 0)
        o_Natural_Freq_Mode_8 = mc.get_magnetic_graph_point("NVH_NaturalFrequency", 8)

        mc.show_message(" Natural_Freq_Mode_0 " + str(o_Natural_Freq_Mode_0))
        mc.show_message(" Natural_Freq_Mode_8 " + str(o_Natural_Freq_Mode_8))

        mc.set_variable("MessageDisplayState", 0)


For further details, please see the E-NVH tutorial.

PyMotorCAD Documentation Example#

(Used for the PyMotorCAD Documentation Examples only)

    from setup_scripts.setup_script import run_mech_force_demo
except ImportError:
11:33:52 AM :  Natural_Freq_Mode_0 (0, 6658.47007165279)
11:33:52 AM :  Natural_Freq_Mode_8 (8, 8858.68125781642)

Total running time of the script: (1 minutes 32.079 seconds)

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