Standard installation#

The PyAnsys ansys-motorcad-core package requires either a local or remote instance of Motor-CAD to communicate with it. This section covers launching and interfacing with Motor-CAD from a local instance by launching it from Python.

Install Motor-CAD#

The Motor-CAD installer can be downloaded from the Ansys Customer Portal. A valid Motor-CAD licence is required to run the software. Once the Windows setup file is downloaded, run this as administrator. It may take up to around 5 minutes to prepare the installation wizard. Then follow the steps to proceed with installing Motor-CAD: read and accept the license agreement etc. The installation may take several minutes to complete.

Launch Motor-CAD#

Launch Motor-CAD locally#

You can use the MotorCAD method to have Python start a new instance of Motor-CAD and automatically connect to it:

>>> import ansys.motorcad.core as pymotorcad
>>> mcApp = pymotorcad.MotorCAD()

This is the easiest and fastest way to get PyMotorCAD up and running. But you need to have an Ansys license server installed locally.